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[15 Oct 2017|08:23pm]


hi all. just want to introduce this guy since he's brand new and maybe if there are any lines that could fit? this is epifanio alvarez, he's mexican-english (father is mexican, mother british), born in london but a world traveler in his adulthood. he's a travel writer and photographer who settled in portland in the last 5 years (for reasons he doesn't like to talk about because embarrassed). he's a little quirky, passionate and adventurous. any connections would be welcome, and of course organic works too!
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let's get to know each other, so customs are cool! [12 Oct 2017|09:51pm]


the name's lola, and before you say it no i'm not a showgirl. with everything that has been going on in the world and on my island (please donate in puerto rico's relief effort if you can) halloween is the one thing i've actually looking forward to. trust me, even my cat has a costume. so who are you and what is your halloween costume? if you don't have one, what's your favorite holiday or looking forward to?
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[11 Oct 2017|10:15pm]


hello everyone! wanted to introduce lola here before i get her actual intro up later. this is lola rodriguez, she's a 28 year old puerto rico born, boston raised, self published romance author (her writing style and stories are similar to mariana zapata's if anyone is interested) that goes by the author name of lola duarte. she also works as a substitute teacher when she isn't writing. briefly she lived in nyc while she attended nyu. lola is a very passionate and lively person, she's one of those people you have to tell to tone it down when she's talking about something she loves. she's also pretty chill, tends to close up and shut down when a situation get too heavy. it stems from her childhood where she was witness to abuse at the hands of her father whom she's had no contact with since she was 12. when she isn't writing, she's always on the go, looking for some sort of adventure or going out dancing. she's a social butterfly that will talk to almost anyone.

her ex is [info]allgood, the two got married super young which was a contributing factor in their divorce. they're sort of on speaking terms. [info]andromedan is a fan of her work. and i believe i was still working something out with [info]jaimison, who knew her ex. pretty much she could use anything. friends would be great! people who've read her books. bad blind dates, etc. also cool to go the organic route as well. i look forward to writing with you all!
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[11 Oct 2017|07:43pm]


would you rather see smg or reese witherspoon? i have a character idea, i just need a pb and to adapt her for this community
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ffa time! october 9-15 [09 Oct 2017|06:01pm]


it's a free for all!

it's ffa time! hey everyone! yes indeed it is that time again! this week's theme is:


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