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[20 Aug 2017|10:23pm]
i'd really like to join here but i'm not 100% certain on a pb. would you rather see billie lourd, erin moriarty, or haley lu richardson? i can fill lines
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customs or bust [20 Aug 2017|07:18pm]


hey everyone, i'm leaila. i suck at these so, i'll be brief and ask if you could have a biopic made about your life, what would the title be and who would you cast to play you?
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Inspired by Audrey. Thanks Optimism bunny! [17 Aug 2017|08:42am]


I want to know what your fandom is. What Show/Movie(s)/Books are the love and light of your life?

What is that one work of fiction that gets your blood racing and tingles your mind?

Here are a list of question to get the ball rolling:

1. Which Character from your fandom would you be?
2. Which Character from your fandom would be your soulmate?
3. Which Character from your fandom would be your bff?
4. Which Character from your fandom would be your romantic partner?
5. Which Character from your fandom would be your enemy?
6. Which Character from your fandom is your idol?

Feel free to reply with gifs and or add more responses.

I'll leave my answer in the doobly doo below.
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ooc contact (read: talk to me, i'm lonely) [15 Aug 2021|07:57pm]

tressa dimas
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Customs for love [13 Aug 2017|06:59pm]


[ music | Moonmen Music - Jemaine Clement ]

Hi Portland I'm Tabitha. You might know me from my salon Wicket Licks and/or if you're into the rock/metal scene around here we've probably run into each other at shows.

I'm kind of a quiet person when there's an audience and tend to be the wallflower at a party. I thought writing an intro on here would be easy but it kind of feels like making a speech in front of strangers. I don't like talking about myself. It feels weird. Help.

As an extreme cop out Pick something from here to either tell me about yourself or ask me about myself.

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[10 Aug 2017|04:22pm]


I never did this when I first apped her, so let's go ahead and work out some lines. This is Emily Holden, she is originally from Boston, and is the second of two children. She's got an older brother who she is very close to, and who she is very protective of regardless of him being older/fully capable of watching out for himself. Her mother left when she was only a baby, so family through that end is possible.. half sibling she doesn't know about, maybe? She comes from a Navy family.. both her father and brother were Seals, and she was a corpsman for about 10 years. She's been in Portland since 2010, but did a lot of back and forth during her time in the Navy. She's also the mother of an 18 month old little girl.

She can use just about anything you guys can give her.. friends, co-workers, family. Let's work out something fun.
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Giving out customs like candy over here. [09 Aug 2017|08:40pm]


I'm Remy and I come with lots of questions at all times. How good are you at reading people? What kind of first impression do you think you make? How do you want to be remembered?
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